RagTagDailyPost: Impetuous

IMpetuous you might say, but as I like to call myself – decisive!

My posts bear witness to muddles and mistakes with places and ping-backs.

How difficult is it to distinguish between One Word Sunday and Silent Sunday for example.

If I would just take a breath and read through and proof read it would all turn out perfectly.

The only time my (decisive) impetuous nature pays off is when I have to make a quick

decision. I have a rule ‘if in doubt- don’t ‘ It’s usually the right decision for me. Although

social media comments that seem playful at the time of posting, often are not so playful by


How will I illustrate impetuous……The drawings here are what prompted me to enter for a drawing prize this week, I logged on paid my money and now have just two more days to decide what to enter, maybe I should have thought that one through first !

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