May 21 Photo a Day : mini small

mini small

Hmmmm not sure where to go with today’s prompt

I have a fascination with mini (ature )things…dolls houses, little houses fairy houses

I used to drive a mini- my first car in 1968 – I will look for a photo! – no can’t find one 😦 here is one I found online:

apologies for rubbish editing! 🙂

Then there is mini me

An Uncle was the photographer in the family when I was small and he used to print mini photos in black and white for the family. So quite a few of my childhood photos are these mini prints in black and white and a bit blurry!

Me when I was small….

I have a collection of mini plants..too many really as they are a pain to water as they are so small..let’s see what I can choose from the list.

As I look at my life exposed here I’m thinking “am I bonkers” 🙂 no need to comment – I know the answer!

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