A fan of #68 : experimental photography

A fan of ………#68 experimental photography

Experimenting with camera settings and lenses, mainly because I like to break the rules.

Advantages: you could accidentally get a really interesting shot; you could achieve ambiguous, abstract images.

Disadvantages: you might not achieve anything at all, or it could be a great shot, but you don’t know how it happened! That’s the usual outcome in all aspects of my art work, that I don’t make notes or remember how I did it. Maybe that’s a good thing to create authentic and unique work? That’s my story anyway. hahah 🙂

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  1. Great shots, Caryl 👏 I’m like you & don’t note what I’m doing, so some good shots are a complete mystery. I’m hopefully going to get back to playing with my lens balls once we get back to normal & see what comes out of it 😃

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