March 30 Photo a Day : Animals

Our first cat was called Mr Pip.

Mr Pip

Since that time our family have had various pets, at one time I had nine cats, It started with a rescue cat called Toby, who hid in a tiny space at the side of the kitchen cupboard for several days after re homing him. He eventually was enticed out and became the most fabulous and loving tabby cat. I then continued almost every year to take in strays or rescued cats as well as a few kittens. When my Daughter went travelling I also homed her two bengals for a few months- very noisy and beautiful. Sadly the snow leopard Oscar was killed by a car one day when he ventured out of the garden. Jasper the copper sparkled bengal just died recently aged eighteen.

My Son and Daughter both have had dogs, My Son a Boxer called Jake who sadly died a few years ago. My Daughter’s family have Mushy – a cross breed cokerpoo (named by her Son- don’t ask) .

My cats have all passed away now except for Rex…and of course I still have the foxes and deer visiting occasionally, and the hedgehog family at the bottom of the garden.


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