TateShots: Dorothy Cross | and at Turner Contemporary-Margate

Working from a remote studio on the west coast of Ireland, Cross often uses the remains of dead animals or other found natural materials in her sculptures. In this film she talks about transforming shark skins by coating them in gold and casting them in bronze, and how the coastal landscape around her inspires and feeds her art.

via TateShots: Dorothy Cross | Tate.

Following a visit to Turner Contemporary I am so inspired and impressed by the work of Dorothy Cross. The variety of mediums and quality of her work is stunning.

By chance I saw some of her print work at The Original Print Fair at the RA and again was immediately drawn to her amazing prints, before I even knew it was her work. Here are a few images of my visit:

IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3490 IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3494 IMG_3496

Some more shots of the view from Turner Contemporary and other art work in gallery:

IMG_3508 IMG_3510 IMG_3514 IMG_3513 IMG_3512 IMG_3511 IMG_3506 IMG_3502 IMG_3504



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