Patricia Grant and Susan Mealing exhibit at Clare Hall

  Surface an exhibition of original prints by Patricia Grant and Susan Mealing Former Digswell Arts Trust Printmaker Pat Grant exhibits with Susan Mealing at Clare Hall College Cambridge. Art. SURFACE An exhibition of contemporary abstract prints by Patricia Grant and Susan Mealing 7 March – 30 April 2014 Patricia Grant has created an abstract body …

Whistles – Whistles neighbourhood: Marylebone

 Conran Cafe- I'm on my way...looks fab! Prism A firm favourite of celebrities such as Beyonce and hip jetsetters worldwide. This is the brand to head to for clean lines and contemporary luxury, founded by ex-style editor Anna Laub in 2009. All of the swim and eyewear is designed with a strong focus on luxury materials, …

No Parking

Yves Klein eat your heart out…haha a great shot from Dmitrii

Places Unknown and Everything Else

This is what is says in Spanish. My wife told me. Of course I could use Bing translator, but she is good with Spanish, so I use real human translator services when I can.

I wonder if this sign has any legal bearing there and cops will take you away or write a ticket. It could be that it actually belongs to some local mafia boss, they will “take” away your car if you are full enough to park there. No idea. I didn’t take this photo because of that sign. You can probably guess why I took it.

This alley is pretty. Isn’t it?

Clck me!!!

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