Live Lupo Single Launch – High Town – Luton

Live Lupo Single Launch – High Town – Luton.

Live Lupo Single Launch

Shop 33 Outside

To celebrate the launch of their debut single ‘So Deep’ Lupo will be bringing the party to Shop 33 in High Town on Friday the 20th December!

There are NO tickets to this event as it is entirely free entry. However, be sure to come down as early as possible as it might get a bit crammed…

There will be a very limited run of CDs and Cassettes sold, as well as the very last batch of t-shirts, so grab em before they go forever!

The band will be playing a twenty minutes live set from 6pm on the evening so make sure you get down in time and don’t miss out on seeing one of Luton’s most exciting live bands in such an intimate venue

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