Praesentia’s Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre

Praesentia's Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre. Join our Event on Facebook....and please 'like' our Praesentia page!                     Alfred Russel Wallace  1823-1913 Lived in Hertford from 1828 to 1836 'The man who pre-empted Darwin' a quote from Professor Steve Jones, 15 January 2013 Below is a list of events that are planned for …

IMPREINT journal

The official bulletin of the artist IMPREINT created to repost excerpts from 'En plein air'.


Bringing Stories to Life

A Simpler Way

A Simpler Way to Finance

Let's talk

Vibe alone for a while

Verses Inked©

We set the ink down, on the streets of the town. where Eternity Stand Confound.

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