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I love going to the Photographer’s Gallery…this is a must for me:

28 August – 9 October

A project inspired by Mass Observation, This is Your Photo asks you to take your own images and become an ‘observer’ of everyday life. Upload your photo in response to nine weekly directives and your images will be featured on The Wall.

Directive 1: Photograph your mantelpiece
Upload a photo and join in the discussion on Flickr and via our digital partner GuardianWitness

The Photographers’ Gallery | The Photographers’ Gallery.

“This Friday a series of new exhibitions opens at The Photographers’ Gallery, each displaying a radical approach to documentary photography. Mass Observation: This is Your Photocharts the lives of ordinary people in Britain through unexpected, intimate and revealing images. Mark Neville‘s Deeds Not Words is an urgent and compelling project following the community of Corby and their fight for justice. Print Sales displays vibrant prints andPostcards from the John Hinde Limited Archive, depicting some of the nation’s best loved domestic holiday destinations during the 1960s and 70s. Plus there’s an unmissable range of related talks and events, courses, workshops and screenings.”

2 August – 29 September
We were called spies, priers, mass-eavesdroppers, nosey parkers, peeping-toms, lopers, snoopers, envelope-steamers, keyhole artists, sex maniacs, sissies and society playboys” (Humphrey Spender, one of the key figures in the Mass Observation project). 

Transforming the humdrum through the prism of an optimistic new kind of democratic realism, the project directives to observers were broad in scope, observing pub conversations, village life, gift giving and mantelpiece arrangements. It’s a way of seeing that is both intimate and privileged, revealing the unexpected in the familiar.”

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