Nicholas Goodden Exhibition – Moving London Nicholas Goodden Exhibition at Happenstance Bar

Nicholas Goodden: Snapping Up London Happenstance The Happenstance bar and restaurant is located in front of the magnificent St. Paul’s Cathedral, and will be serving everything from breakfast to late night cocktails. The Nicholas Goodden Exhibition will mark the opening event of this brand new addition to the area and you can not only enjoy …

Birds & Wildlife | Panshanger People

    This is the web site for the Panshanger People residents group in Welwyn Garden City. The group is newly formed and came about as an opposition to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council’s Emerging Core Strategy which seeks to place an additional 700 homes on the green space in and around the long-standing Panshanger Aerodrome. Do have …

IMPREINT journal

The official bulletin of the artist IMPREINT created to repost excerpts from 'En plein air'.


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