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If you happen to be in Taiwan over the next couple of months…this solo exhibition looks to be amazing!

I love the fact that the artist uses such a wide range of mediums to express their ideas.

Hua-shan-qiang—Su Yu-Hsien Solo Exhibition

Dates: 04/27/2013 – 06/09/2013

Receptiom: 04/27/2013 4:30pm

Venue TKG+ | Taipei

TKG+ is pleased to present Hua-shan-qiang, Su Yu-Hsien’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, on view from April 27 to June 9, 2013 (opening reception: Saturday, April 27, 4:30-7:00pm). Su’s works focus on the non-objective space between the subject and the object, examining how reality is constructed in people’s daily lives. The exhibition revolves around Su’s most recent video Hua-shan-qiang, and will also include more than 20 digital works and a mixed-media installation, all of which explore religions, death, and the false and reality.

The title, Hua-shan-qiang, originates from the pediments of buildings, which in Taiwan had originally been used for ventilation and fire prevention. During the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945), however, the purpose of pediments changed from one with practical uses, to serving a decorative function. Su draws from this shift for the exhibition’s works and its layout.

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