David Bowie Is…Universal

Something I may not have considered going to but it sounds like it’s worth a visit…..Thanks Hideki

Hideki is where!?

David Bowie Is...Universal

On Sunday I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to go the V&A here in London to see the exhibition, “David Bowie Is”. The tickets came by way of Twitter and the friend of a friend who was unable to attend but had the grace to offer the tickets to anybody who was available to go.

I would have more pictures to show if I was allowed but there was a “No photography” and this is new one to me “No Sketching” policy inside. Throughout the exhibition and in the advertising for the exhibition the sentence “David Bowie Is” completed in various forms.

I didn’t see my version which is “universal” and this comes really from my observation of the people who were at the exhibition. I had tickets for 7.15 p.m on a Sunday evening and it was packed. It was rather bizarre in that you are given…

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