Exhibitions: Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript- Ashmolean Museum

Exhibitions: Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript- Ashmolean Museum.


A friend has recommended this exhibition..looks and sounds amazing..if you can get to Oxford it’s worth a visit!

Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript, open on February 28 until May 19. Unusual because it’s the first major exhibition the Ashmolean has dedicated to contemporary art, and because Xu Bing, one of China’s most renowned artists, has never before put together an exhibition of his landscapes. Born in 1955, growing up in Beijing, Xu Bing is known for works that exploit the pictorial character of Chinese script. He made his name with Tianshu or Book From The Sky, 1991, a four-volume a classical printed text. In that seminal work and in certain landscapes Xu Bing plays with words, with Chinese characters, real or invented; he employs Chinese characters to create landscape features, for example, those for ‘stone’ make up an image of rocks, ‘tree’ makes up trees, and so on.” http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk

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