You Should Ask Wallace | Theatr Na n’Og

This sound amazing! I do hope to have the chance to see the production- maybe in Hertford??

You Should Ask Wallace | Theatr Na n’Og.

You Should Ask Wallace

Wallace is one of the most important figures of nineteenth-century biology and in character among its most admirable. He is also one of the very few, like Darwin and Maxwell, whose importance grows with time. E.O.Wilson

The play tells the story of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) a Victorian naturalist, who was born in Wales and who discovered the theory of evolution.

Wallace then shared the idea with Charles Darwin…and as they say, the rest is history.

This often overlooked Welsh Victorian scientist, whose curiosity as to why there are so many different varieties of species, was ignited during his formative years in Usk and Neath, would later find the answer to the ‘mystery of all mysteries’; his great findings compelling Darwin to publish his seminal work on the origin of species.

The play takes us through his life as a young boy growing up in Wales to embarking on epic adventures to the Amazon and Malay Archipelago where he discovered the theory of evolution.

George Beccaloni, Curator of Orthopteroidea at The Natural History Museum, London, described the production as Vividly told and an enthralling story of one of the most interesting and important figures in the history of science. 

Touring throughout 2013

Running Time: 40 minutes + Q & A with Alfred Russel Wallace

Age: Over 8

If you are interested in booking this production for 2013 please contact us on or call us on 01639 641771.
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