Wallace100 events | Natural History Museum


Wallace100 events | Natural History Museum.

WALLACE100 is an informal international association of organisations with projects that are designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Wallace’s death in 2013. The main purpose of WALLACE100 is to publicise the anniversary and the events which are being planned to commemorate it.

The Natural History Museum in London has set up an events page where all such projects can be listed.. To have your event included and to obtain copies of the WALLACE100 logo please contact me (i.e. George Beccaloni – email: g.beccaloni@nhm.ac.uk). Even if you do not have a project, we would be grateful if you could help to publicise WALLACE100 by including the logo on your website and linking to the events calendar.

By coordinating our efforts and working together where possible, we will ensure that 2013
is the biggest and best celebration of Wallace’s life and work ever seen!