Blog | Homespun Living

Blog | Homespun Living.

Had a delightful morning at Homespun workshop-learning to love my extremely old Jones sewing machine. (All machines are catered for- mine just happens to be ancient-like me).

After a rocky start (my machine mal functioned) I managed to re engage the feed and actually sew in a fairly straight line. I was reprimanded ( kindly) for not having cared for my sewing machine(it has never been serviced!)

At the end of the morning I had sewn together a cushion cover with an appliqued heart, learned how to thread my machine (properly) and how to create zig zag stitch (properly). We also touched on adjusting the tension      (I had fiddled with mine over the years and completely messed it up), and many other tips and tricks to create basic sewing projects.

Helen’s workshop are fun and relaxed but informative and friendly. The Courtyard Cafe has splendid cakes/coffee and lunch after the workshop was delicious. I would thoroughly recommend Homespun workshops for a relaxed and productive morning’s work.

Upcoming workshops include: Christmas Crochet; Elegant and Easy Christmas wrapping; make do mend and stitch; Introduction to dressmaking- girl’s dress, to name but a few.