Mel Bochner


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Mel Bochner: If the Colour Changes

12 October-30 December 2012, Galleries 1, 8 & 9


This is one exhibition I intend to visit. I love the sound of his process ‘on black velvet grounds the press imprints thick multicloloured oils.’…..

In this current exhibition he further explores use and expression of language and colour……amongst other mediums…can’t wait to go along and experience the work.


Anne Thompson reports in ArtForum that text-loving Mel Bochner has begun making paintings with a hydraulic press, a new process that further complicates his career-long consideration of language. “In the 1970s Bochner declared ‘Language is not transparent.’ Now, formally, that’s literal. On black velvet grounds, the press imprints letters in thick, multicolored oils for a Thiebaud-icing-meets-Richter-squeegee effect. The letters’ edges stay crisp but bleed into the velvet, creating a tie-dye-like atmosphere that emphasizes the juicy physicality of the text.

via Mel Bochner.

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