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Here at Obsidian we change our exhibitions every 4-6 weeks to keep things as fresh and interesting as possible. We show a huge range of styles of painting & drawing and different mediums by selected British Artists.

Below is a taster of some of the artists we regularly show here. If there is a particular piece or artist that you’re interested in, please contact us and we’ll be be delighted to let you know what we currently have available at the gallery, or we can arrange to get work in for you to view.

Magical Etchings, Monoprints, Ink & Watercolour Inspired by Nature

We love Flora’s magical images. We always have some of her unframed work at the gallery, and regularly exhibit framed work as well. A selection of Flora’s work is available to purchase on our Online Shop – click HERE to see what’s currently available.

Click here for more images and for more about Flora….

David Beattie

Etchings Inspired by the Countryside

David Beattie is a professional artist and etcher with over twenty five years behind him. He works mainly using the acid etching process in which has developed an international reputation for his skill and attention to detail.

Obsidian Art – Printmakers.

Interested in Exhibiting ?
If you are interested in exhibiting at the gallery click HERE for more details.

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