From Here to Here


From Here to Here.

Private view: Thurs 28 June 6-9pm
Exhibition dates: Fri 29 June – Sat 7 July 2012
Times: 1-6pm

Artists exhibiting: Rebecca Thomas, Michael Wright, Aude Hérail Jäger, David Johnson, Kerry Andrews

Exhibition curated by Kerry Andrews

From here to here: the geographical self

The phenomenon of our figural presence is a strange thing, it can sometimes be seen simply by catching our shadows or using a space as a reverberating chamber for our voice. We take up space beyond our body.

The ‘geographical self’ focuses on our physical sense of place and time. The term reflects our individual embeddedness in particular spaces and our openness within them. It suggests that we are larger than our bodies – we don’t end at the skin but take up and animate larger areas. The mapping and exploration of this space includes interior worlds and how they relate to this arena of the self. The specific focus on the term ‘place’ is important in this context as it has an important reciprocating role in forming the self.

Explorations of this geographical placeframe attempt a kind of mapping or navigating – a kind of narrative, an active travelling, physically and/or psychologically, is depicted or enacted in the works.

London, United Kingdom
near Mile End Station