April 7 2012

Following our de brief of the exhibition at Courtyard we are now planning our next project.

Thinking time at present to consider a location and subject matter.

In the meantime we will be researching possible markets for this year, which are a good way of spreading  praesentia awareness and selling a few cards, and mounted work etc.

We had an excellent response to the exhibition at Courtyard and visitor comments were very positive.

Sally and Veronica will be exhibiting at The Digswell open Day in May (see Digswell web site for details) and we will all be taking part in the HVAF Open Studios in September 2012.

Watch this space for further events and also:





March 25 2012

Well…I did speak too soon…the large print was warped when I tried to hang it in the gallery…so a quick re frame and a day later it appeared on the gallery wall! The private view went well…thanks to everyone that came along and supported us. It was a great evening and we received favourable reviews!

March 4th 2012

Everything ‘flowing’ into place..hope I haven’t spoken too soon!

The video is almost there and the stills are with Mark at Gillmarks for mounting and framing…what could go wrong?

here is the link to video…still needs tweaking:https://vimeo.com/37863257

All constructive comments are welcomed.

February 17th 2012

After a frantic week with my mac not responding when editing my movie project……it is now working again! phew…Still going to Apple  store to check it out.

The movie is progressing and I will continue to edit bits until I’m sure its the best it can be.

I now need to select some stills for the show and decide how to present them. I am undecided about printing on metal, although the light reflection would be great with the images of water……..

February 9th 2012

Still undecided as to how to present stills.

Have added some footage to draft video…need a break from it to avoid an overkill :http://gallery.me.com/caryl.b#100083

February 1st 2012

The first draft of video for Courtyard…comments please….

MobileMe Gallery – mill race28jan2012.

January 29th 2012

I have recorded more footage of the Mill Stream and parts of the Lea Navigational that feeds the mill race. It seems to be coming together now and some of the frames will make great stills.

I have to decide whether to project the video or view on screen- either way I will need a dark corner to view! All very exciting and Sally and Veronica have great new pieces for the show that have taken a new direction.

January 14th 2012

Proposal for Courtyard Arts Exhibition March 2012

For many years, using photography, I have documented my experiences in the landscape. My work focuses on observing and recording images of landscape, neglected and once abandoned buildings, traces of the layers of history that echo a universal theme of transience, absence and presence.

Throughout the history of Hertford the waterways and rivers have played an important part in the development, and at the same time, constriction of its growth.

My focus for the Courtyard Arts exhibition will be the site of Dicker Mill by Hartham Common. I have made observations of the derelict mill race and the mill stream, fed by the Lea Navigational Canal and the surrounding area. I am particularly interested as to why the Mill was abandoned and left to decay and to convey its present sad demise.

The project is still in development stage but I hope to incorporate mapping imagery of the specific area into the work using video, or possibly stills and mixed media paintings incorporating photographic transfers.

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Hidden Hertford:
Dicker Mill

These remains are all that is left of the old Dicker Mill close to Hartham Common. The Mill was a part of the Priory Estate and moved downstream from it’s site by the Priory in the early 17th century. Latterly it was an oil mill extracting oil from seeds such as linseed. It closed in the 1920′s and the site is now occupied by the Dicker Mill industrial estate, although the remains shown here can be found close by.

During my research of Dicker Mill in the Hertford library I discovered a photograph of the house that used to stand near to the island near the mill race. It is dated 1932.