Discover Hertford Online | Hidden Hertford

Discover Hertford Online | Hidden Hertford.

Hidden Hertford:
Dicker Mill

These remains are all that is left of the old Dicker Mill close to Hartham Common. The Mill was a part of the Priory Estate and moved downstream from it’s site by the Priory in the early 17th century. Latterly it was an oil mill extracting oil from seeds such as linseed. It closed in the 1920’s and the site is now occupied by the Dicker Mill industrial estate, although the remains shown here can be found close by.

Photographs © 1998 Steve Beeston

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A century after the dissolution, this Manor House was built on the land formerly occupied by Hertford Priory. It was built shortly after 1637 by John Harrison of Balls Park, who acquired the land.

Courtesy of Discover Hertford Online.

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