Illumini Event


Illumini Event.

Please see below details that have come in about an opportunity to participate in an event in September. The deadline for applications is 6 February 2012.

Applications are invited from artists and prop makers of all disciplines, that can create or already have work that fits the theme of either Victorian, or the supernatural.
They are especially interested in artists that use illumination in their work, if your work lights up or glows in any way we want to hear from you, from projection, light boxes, LED’s, etc.

The form for submission is here on their website if required .
If you apply, as always,  do let me know how you get on !!
Best Wishes
& Happy New Year

Illumini Event 2012

To celebrate Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary, Illumini will take you back to Victorian London. The Victorians excelled at telling ghost stories. In an age of rapid scientific progress, the idea of a dark past and terror that is able to reach out and violate the present fascinated them. Dickens had a fascination with ghosts and death like many Victorians, haunted by the supernatural ghosts and fairies and telepathic encounters, occult religions and the idea of reincarnation.

Illumini will take you on a journey of Victorian hauntings, explore the dark side of a city long forgotten. Take torch light tours beneath the haunted streets of the city. The event will launch with a free grand opening night, full of entertainment, costumed performers and light shows. The event will display artworks, props and the history of Victorian culture and hidden spectres, with guided tours and evenings of ghost stories.