December 2011 Advent Artist of the Month


December 2011 Advent Artist of the Month.

  • 109018.jpg

    Fromance, 2009
    Prepare for the parties
  • 69653.jpg

    All That Glitters is Not Gold, 2008
    Watch out for fools gold
  • elfyn-lewis-corwen-127030.jpg

    Corwen, 2011
    All the snow lay roundabout deep and crisp
  • ben-cove-commemorative-plate-122200.jpg

    Commemorative Plate, 2011
    Who’s coming for Christmas dinner?
  • 110848.jpg

    Various Works. Bettenalp, Wallis, Switzerland, 2011
    Buildings have snow angels too
  • rosemary-hogarth-kreuzigen-124469.jpg

    Kreuzigen, 2011
    Christ’s mass
  • 080513dv.jpg

    Christmas Tree, 2007
    Said the Christmas tree to the Snowman
  • 112276.jpg

    Weathered, 2011
    Do the trees know it’s Christmas?