Welcome to Ruthin Craft Centre – Talks & Events


Welcome to Ruthin Craft Centre – Talks & Events.

Ptolemy Mann

19 November 2011 –
15 January 2012

Gallery 1

The words ground-breaking and weaver don’t often appear in the same sentence but both are unavoidable when talking about Ptolemy Mann. She is a dynamic artist-craftsman-designer who never stands still, who continually pushes at the boundaries of weaving with her imaginative embrace of new technology and who always thinks big.Annabel Freyber

Cultural Gateway

The Ruthin Craft Centre Cultural Gateway looks at the culture of Wales through films by artists in addition to providing information leaflets about Denbighshire and North Wales.

In the first presentation there are three films by artists Christine Mills and Stefan Gant. One film, Frequency Wales by Stefan Gant, has been specially commissioned for the opening of the new Ruthin Craft Centre and shows the importance of design in the built culture of North Wales.