BURNT OFFERING – artreview.com

BURNT OFFERING – artreview.com.

Mike Hinc:

As a painter, I work in diverse media – celebrating transience, inadequacy and the contradictions of a commodified world. My subject is the ambivalence of experience – terror and wonderment in a human heart. My aesthetic is that of the humble postcard. My work, scribbled messages both platitudinous and profound, snatched from the frontline of the prosaic – “Weather still changeable, wish you were here”. Irony is key in an oeuvre which explores the interface between raw, felt experience and a mediated world of shrink-wrapped ideas and bite-sized epistemologies. If collage is the lingua franca of post modernism, it is also my Franglais. In a world without answers, my work neither seeks completion nor finds resolution. This is a contemporary collage where you can still “see the joins” and it is essential that you do so. That is where the art is. You are invited into a landscape stolen from Heidegger’s “World As Exhibition” where juxtaposed images combine to form alluring, imaginary worlds, which you may enter at your peril.