Ruth Divall Art – Small & Intimate Objects From Nature



Ruth Divall Art – Small & Intimate Objects From Nature.

My work focuses on small and intimate objects from the natural environment. It is the little things that most often captivate me and I often begin a work as a botanist, or collector might rather than as an artist. Setting out with an investigative rather than a romantic approach necessitates detailed analysis without room for preconceived expectations, accepting the reality of what you find rather than what you hoped, or expected, to find.

I still find to necessary to draw my chosen subject matter before I embark on a piece of work. Drawing for me requires an engagement with aspects of form, texture, colour and shape without conscious concern for the whole. This helps clarify which are the salient qualities that first captivated me.

My most recent work has been created using a combination of photography, etching and digital manipulation. Multiple tiny images have been arranged to form much larger works. From a distance these can appear as patterned abstracts, but as one approaches each image in the big picture becomes more evident.

Some of these works use time and minute changes of form and variations in colour to create a narrative whilst others are collectives of very similar but different repeated motifs to echo the reproduction and replication of nature. This is to a certain extent, I believe, mirrored by the repetition of print process.