Artshed Arts Ltd.

Artshed Arts Ltd.

Mellow Yellow- Mosaic Masters

3rd February 2011 to 10th February 2011

  1. The exhibition will run from 3 February until the 10 February 2010 and offers artists the opportunity to present their work while helping to raise vital funds for St Isabel Hospice. The event is very similar to the two previous events Artshed have staged, Passionately Pink and Boys in Blue.We would like to invite artists to take part in a large scale piece of work which we hope to display across the county and eventually place in the Isabel Hospice. We have selected a couple of painting by Masters, which will be cut up into mosaic squares. We are asking artists and creative persons to produce a piece of work in their own style and medium from these pieces, which can be painted, stitched, stuck and or printed on to a canvas measuring 8” x 8” which will be 1/60th (approx) of the original painting.
  2. Mellow Yellow charity art exhibition “Mosaic Masters” is launched today. The two paintings chosen by Artshed and Isobal Hospice, Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and The Goldfish by Matisse, are now illustrated on our Mosaic Masters event page.

    Click on our events tab, select ‘Mellow Yellow- Mosaic Masters’ and chose your desired section of painting using the gridding system. Give the gallery a call (01920 466446) and we can post out your selection along with the canvas, image and instructions for £9.50, plus £1.50 postage & packaging. OR drop by the gallery and let us know your selection personally.

    Direct link to event page on the website: