The Photographers’ Gallery | Mr Bulldog: A Walking Tour

The Photographers’ Gallery | Mr Bulldog: A Walking Tour.

Mr Bulldog: A Walking Tour
4 – 19 September, 11.00 – 19.00 Daily

Mr Bulldog is a Soho community project by artist Lucy Steggals, commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery.

Steggals has been wandering the streets of Soho, knocking on doors, talking to residents, church groups and local characters, as well as researching in Westminster Library. From this research she has created the character of Mr Bulldog: ‘Soho’s last watchman’.

For just two weeks Mr Bulldog’s presence will materialise in seven sites around Soho, giving participants the chance to piece together clues to his life and daily rituals, as well as gain access to otherwise private locations. A beautifully illustrated map, available from The Photographers’ Gallery and downloadable from our website from this Saturday, will lead you to these special installations.

As much a reflection of Soho’s inhabitants as the artist’s imagination, Mr Bulldog acts as a reminder of the unnoticed visual clues that we too leave behind as we go about our daily routines.

Photograph by Zoe Maxwell